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$20.00 / per day

Table Hire

5ft Round Tables

$15.00 / per day

Bar Furniture Hire

90cm Le Cafe Table

$15.00 / per day
$10.00 / per day
$10.00 / per day

Kids Table & Chair Hire

kids Trestle Table Hire (1.8m)

$10.00 / per day

Set the Foundation of Your Event with Table Hire Sydney

The right table can set the tone for any gathering, from formal banquets to casual picnics. With Table Hire Sydney, ensure your venue is equipped with tables that complement the occasion and cater to your guests' comfort.

Diverse Range of Tables

At Table Hire Sydney, we offer a vast selection of tables suitable for a myriad of events. Whether you need round tables for a gala dinner, long banquet tables for a wedding, or cocktail tables for a corporate mixer, our inventory has you covered.

Designs to Suit Every Occasion

Every event has its unique essence. Our collection of tables is designed to resonate with various themes and settings. From classic wooden designs to modern glass-topped tables, we ensure that our offerings align with your event's vibe.

Sturdy and Reliable

Quality is paramount when it comes to our tables. Crafted with top-grade materials, our tables are both durable and stable, ensuring they stand firm throughout your event and offer optimum functionality.

Seamless Delivery and Setup

We understand the intricacies involved in event planning. Our dedicated team ensures prompt delivery and professional setup of the tables, aligning with your venue layout and ensuring everything is in place well before the event kicks off.

Committed to Enhancing Your Venue

At Table Hire Sydney, our goal extends beyond just providing tables. We are dedicated to elevating the overall aesthetic and functionality of your venue, ensuring every aspect of the setting is impeccable.

Contact Us for Tailored Table Solutions

Our team at Table Hire Sydney is eager to assist you in selecting the perfect tables for your event. With our expertise and extensive range, we aim to make your venue standout. Reach out to us, and let's set the stage for an unforgettable event together.

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